Are you kidding?! Ha! That teacher had no idea you had super powers and saved lives one IEP at a time.

Mother of middle school boy, Wake Forest

Stacey literally "digs in" with the families she works- with a depth of knowledge, passion, compassion, and intellect that is unsurpassed. She is a pleasure to work with collaboratively and I always know my families are in good hands.

Psychologist, Cary, North Carolina

Stacey asks all the hard questions that you did not even know you needed to ask. She helps you to advocate for all your child's needs not just their academic success. Stacey treats every child as if they are her own, and finds all the resources available to help you and your child.

Parents from Cary, North Carolina

So many families struggle with finding the best academic environment for their children. Many times the parents turn to me, as their pediatrician, for guidance. Ms. Kohn has become a valuable resource whom I can recommend to my patients. 'I' have been impressed with her thoroughness, her availability, and her willingness to go above and beyond to support her clients. My patients, who have worked with her, have been so pleased with what they have been able to achieve for their children because of her help.

Pediatrician, Raleigh, North Carolina

I am sending a note to let you know I think of you often. You completely changed our lives at school! It has been a night and day difference from last year to this year. I owe that to you! You were truly amazing in getting people to listen and help us and I will always be grateful! I have referred you to several of my other struggling moms with the same results. Please continue to do what you are doing because you are changing our lives! You are the best!

Mother, Cary, North Carolina

Ms. Kohn knows enough to literally (as the name captures) navigate and create a plan that is as unique as the child. Parents I have referred to her are delighted to have the supportive services of Triangle Parent Navigator. TPN's emphasis on continuity of care makes the IEP more effective by advocating for the best fitting objectives available for the child's circumstance.

Psychiatrist, Triangle area, North Carolina

You have really helped the process not only with the teachers, but have really helped us see rationally amid all our fears and concerns. I have been singing your praises with other adults who have children at work, his school, and anyone who will listen. I hope that you will continue to help us navigate the school and education system. You have been nothing but a great help.

Father, Raleigh, North Carolina

We took our psychologist's advice and met with Stacey Kohn, and that turned out to be one of the best moves we've ever made.

Father, Raleigh, North Carolina

Thank you for recommending Stacey Kohn to us! We wanted to let you know that we had a fabulous experience working with Stacey to design our son's IEP. Stacey's an ace at every phase of the process. Plus her demeanor, wicked sense of humor and willingness to roll up her sleeves and jump in to help was just the ticket to putting the school folks at ease. Of course, this paved the way for some great collaboration. When the formula's right and everyone comes to the table with open minds and hearts, guess who benefits? Our little guy! We worked with a different advocate last year and while we felt that we were successful in securing what we needed for our son, our experience this year was light years apart if you compare the two. We will definitely request that Stacey be with us at the table again next year...and the year after that...and the year after that!

Mom and Dad, Raleigh, North Carolina

When we first met Stacey we were overwhelmed with information and options for our son. She sat down with us and pulled it all together into a simple action plan. Taking it step by step and with Stacey's help, we put together a great team of resources for the school year. Six months ago our son was three years behind in reading. Today he is reading at grade level. We attribute that much progress in such a short time to Stacey's advocacy and the hard work of our son. Thank you, Stacey!

Parents from Raleigh, North Carolina

Stacey was extremely helpful to win our case with the school system. She analyzed our thoughts, concerns and our child's data in a professional manner and drafted a powerful, concise letter which went a long way in winning our case. She promptly responded to our questions and was a delight to work with. We would strongly recommend her.

Parents from Apex, North Carolina

I just rub my eyes in disbelief as we keep stumbling upon these gems (you at the top of the list).

Mother, Raleigh, North Carolina

You are a rockstar!!! Thank you for taking such good care of the families I send your way!

Psychologist, Apex North Carolina

What a breath of fresh air you are!

Parents from Chicago, Illinois, relocating to the Triangle area

Thank you!! - and WHY would I know all this??!! That is why you are called "Priceless"!! :-)

Mother, Apex, North Carolina

Stacey, Thank you so much. There is a special place set aside for you in Heaven!

Father, Wake Forest, North Carolina

You are the bomb!!!!

Psychologist, Raleigh, North Carolina

Everyone was amazed by the perfection of your work. I think they would hire you if they could. So, thanks again!

Mother working with a Charter School

We were very pleased and appreciate your assistance very much. You are truly excellent!!!!!!!

Mother, Raleigh, North Carolina

Thank you so much for all of your help! You were invaluable to us in this process!

Parent from Raleigh, North Carolina

Thank you, thank you, thank you. We would not have the courage, know-how, or energy without your assistance. Boy, did you come along at a divine time!

Parents from Raleigh, North Carolina

Thank you Stacey! I do truly appreciate your support. I really couldn't get anywhere without your help with the school. I tried negotiating to have him placed on an IEP for years. All these years without gaining any real success! You helped identify the real issues, the ones which really required help. You made it abundantly clear to the school, the need for an IEP

Parents from Apex, North Carolina

Thanks so much. You ROCK

Parents of Middle School Boy, Apex

I thought you should know that your assistance at the meeting today was invaluable. I wish you could help all parents navigate this process! The way you handled the process, the communication between team members, etc. made the meeting flow seamlessly. The parents appeared comfortable and confident with the plan, instead of confused and passive attendants. Nice work! Expect to receive many referrals from me in the future! 😉

School Psychologist, Charter School

I just want to tell you that I don't know what I did without you. I'm just so emotional where J is concerned, and it makes it hard to focus and be concise in IEP stuff. I can just go nuts when I think someone is trying to take away or not follow J's accommodations. But even when I'm upset and rambling, you manage to hear the real issue and then restate what I said so it makes even more sense to me! Just wanted to make sure you knew that I think you are just amazing.

Mother, Apex, North Carolina

You have been an incredible resource for us and I truly believe a key to the success we have had..I know you deeply care about every family you help. That should, in theory, make going to sleep every night very easy for you.

Mother, Raleigh

Stacey, Thanks so very much for all your help. When "Mom" told me that you said "we've got this" and "Team O" I actually broke down. Just to feel this supported is incredible. Many many thanks

Dad, Apex, North Carolina

Stacey, It was great meeting with you yesterday and we appreciate your help. Obviously, this has been a difficult time for our family. We've met some great people offering a lot of help but you are AWESOME. You not only helped me understand C's strengths and weaknesses and where to look to get him the help he needs, but did it in a very caring way. Thank you for your help.

Father in Holly Springs, NC

You rock, Stacey! I think you moved the needle in the right direction for R and your rapport with everyone was amazing!

Mother, Raleigh

Thank you! "DAD" had not witnessed your MAGIC in an IEP meeting before! I told him to sit back and watch before the meeting! We are so thankful to have you and your expertise in our lives!

Mom, Apex, NC

Stacey, Just wanted to say thank you again. We have talked to so many people about (child) and he is such a mysterious conundrum that its very difficult for people to get the whole picture. I appreciate your ability to look at everything, acknowledge the things that don't add up, really listen to what our experience has been and what we have learned along the way about (child) and keep things in perspective regarding getting him what he needs. I am cautiously optimistic that if we can get some structured supports in place at school in combination with (tutor)'s help that (child) might begin to feel more successful and hopefully less miserable. At the very least I feel like we are doing everything within our power to facilitate that happening! Thank you for doing what you do, you are really good at it!!

Parent, Middle-school boy

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